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Stainless Steel C-Channel

Stainless Steel C-Channel


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Stainless Steel - 304 - C-Channel - Select finish, thickness and other options below.


Number Range : 1-72"


Number Range : 1.5-6"


Number Range : 0.5-4"


Number Range : 0.5-4"

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Metal is just metal right? It's tough, often gray and used to make things with. Simple! The reality is not quite that easy. Not all metal is the same, and especially not our steel. Here at sheet metals online we aim to provide the highest quality sheet metal, perfectly machined to your specific needs and requirements.  

What makes our steel different from other metals?  

The product in question is our type 304 stainless steel, an alloy of iron, chromium (>18%), nickel (>8%) and carbon (<0.08%). Our type 304 steel is of food-grade standard, meaning it is approved for use in commercial kitchens where hygiene and safety is of utmost importance. Our steel also qualifies for applications in the medical industry, such as hospital countertops. You may be familiar with the “18/8” stainless steel alloy as it is often used to make cooking utensils, pots, pans or cutlery. 

The grade 304 steel we use is austenitic. This is the technical term that means the metal will not hold or attract a magnet. The benefits of this mean it is a metal that can be safely used in environments with electromagnetism prevalent. Further, the strength and robust nature of our stainless steel give it the longevity you need to be able to rely on. As the name suggests, stainless steel will retain its color over time, meaning the aesthetic you aim for will last. This is thanks to the corrosion resistance that keeps the metal looking good and staying strong.  

Each order of C-channel sheet metal we process is unique. The width, wings and length are specific to every application, so tell us what you need and we do the rest. C-channels can be used for guttering and fluid disposal, helping to keep a specific area clean. The hygienic rating of our steel means even in applications such as commercial kitchens, the metal guttering can be kept clean without a worry. These channels can also be used to protect certain features, like hiding away pipework or electrical cabling.  

The steel comes in a number of finishes: brushed, mirrored or dulled. Each dispatch of metal sheeting comes protected with a plastic film that can be peeled off after installation. This protects the surface from any scratches or marks that may occur in a busy construction environment.  

Choose from 16, 20 or 24 gauge stainless steel sheeting, select your dimensions and we do the rest. Order your top-quality stainless steel today at Sheet Metals Online.

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Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Specifications

  • It's tough and glossy
  • The thickest of the sheets is a quarter of an inch.
  • Depending on what you require, a wide range of options is available.

While there is some variation in the sorts of stainless steel sheet metal available (for example, we at Sheet Metals offer several grades, finishes, and sizes), these characteristics are typically consistent amongst producers. The following are examples of these kinds:

Austenitic 200-Series

Chromium, carbon, manganese, and maybe nickel make up this series. This series can be hardened. However, one of its weaknesses is that it is easily corroded.

Stainless Steel Austenitic 300 Series

Most stainless steel manufactured is austenitic, which includes grades in the 200 and 300 series. The 300 series has the highest ductility, weldability, and corrosion resistance levels compared to other stainless steel varieties. 304, often known as A2 stainless, is the most widely used grade.


This kind is highly durable and simple to process, although it has poor corrosion resistance.


Though ferritic stainless is more popular in engineering because of its versatility, it has lower corrosion resistance than austenitic stainless.

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1. Does Stainless Steel Rust Over Time?

Stainless steel is a metal that has several applications and is commonly utilized. Its malleability and good corrosion resistance make it a metal of choice for many producers looking for a low-maintenance metal.

2. In what ways is stainless steel most useful?

Among the many metals used in building, stainless steel is prominent. Stainless steel is widely used in construction fields such as landscaping, architecture, engineering, and interior construction because of its durability, adaptability, and recycling potential.

3. How Many Types of Steel Are There?

Most people believe that steel is simply a fixed ratio of iron to carbon, but there are actually over 3,500 distinct types of steel. The carbon content, other alloys, and steel manufacturing technique can all be used to determine its grade.

4. Is stainless steel easily damaged?

Stainless steels have excellent corrosion resistance, but their use in construction still leaves them vulnerable to surface damage. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, materials exposed to severe conditions may deteriorate over time due to corrosion, oxidation, rusting, and discoloration.

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