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Why order Stainless Steel from Sheet Metals Online?

Stainless steel is incredibly versatile, used in endless applications and industries, from hospitals to hospitality. The alloy of iron, chromium, nickel and carbon makes it resistant to rust and oxidation – aiding longevity and its aesthetic qualities. A lack of corrosion makes stainless steel perfect for areas where sanitation and cleanliness are necessary, such as medical countertops or commercial kitchens. It also allows for long term preservation of a particular look or aesthetic. At Sheet Metals Online, we provide several finishes, including brushed, mirrored and even a dulled industrial look. To protect their appearance, all stainless-steel sheets leave the factory with a protective plastic film. After installation this layer can be peeled off, resulting in a perfect and unscratched surface.

The metal supplied is a type 304 stainless steel, a food grade stainless making it safe for culinary environments – often utilized for kitchen knives, pans or food trays. Most seen in commercial kitchens as backsplashes, corner guards, c channel, and door kick plates. The 304 grade steel is austenitic, meaning that it is not magnetic. This makes it safe in environments with conventional or electromagnetic forces that may affect the materials in use.

Customer requirements are unique to each application, so we offer several options ensuring we can cater to your needs. Thicknesses range spans 16 gauge, 20 gauge, and 24 gauge, so we’ve got you covered no matter what you need. Our stainless steel sheet metal is available as flat sheeting, angled pieces, cove base and c channels. Simply use our customization tool to pick your sizing requirements and we will accommodate your needs, please contact us with any special request you may have.