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Aluminum Angles

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Aluminum Angles


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Aluminum Angles are milled for the fabrication of projects where a lightweight corrosion resistant framework is needed to support truck trailers, tool boxes or anywhere an aluminum project needs that extra level of reinforcement with a clean industrial look. Please select the finish, thickness, and dimensions below to get started.


Number Range : 1-72"


Number Range : 0.5-5"


Number Range : 0.5-5"

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Aluminum Angles available in Black Anodized, Clear Anodized, Polar White, Mill Finish or Diamond Plate finish. Reduce waste by ordering the Sheet metal you need for your project cut to your specification and shipped directly to you.

Best Aluminum Angle Iron Supplier: Sheet Metals

How can you Use Aluminum Angle?

Aluminum Angles are manufactured for use in the fabrication of projects such as truck trailers, tool boxes, and other aluminum projects that require an additional level of reinforcement along with a clean industrial appearance. These types of projects call for a lightweight framework resistant to corrosion.

Aluminum is a multipurpose metal that it can be found in practically infinite commonplace objects. Aluminum angles are used in various applications, from construction frames to railways, and are typically either hidden from view or overlooked. However, you'll see why they're so popular once you learn about their low density and corrosion resistance.

Areas where Aluminum Angle can be fixed

Places where you can find aluminum angles that can perhaps come as a surprise to you

  • Cabinetry
  • Boat Frame
  • Water Walls
  • Floor Hatches and Displays

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1.What is aluminum angle iron?

Aluminum Angle is a device that consists of two legs that come together to produce an angle of 90 degrees. This product was developed to be utilized in various structural applications and general manufacturing.

2.At what temperature does aluminum begin to soften and become more malleable?

At 160 degrees Celsius, aluminum loses its brittleness and strength.

3. How durable is aluminum angle iron?

The sharp corners on both the inside and outside of the aluminum angle make it a popular choice for construction industry use.

4. What are some uses of aluminum angles?

The chipped edges of a surface can be readily concealed by installing an aluminum angle, which, thanks to its robust silver body, can be installed with no effort. Aluminum angles can, in the same manner, be used to conceal chips and gaps and to conceal rough, uneven surfaces that cannot be smoothed over.

5. How can aluminum angle iron be bent?

Some metals can be bent without cracking or developing holes if the metal is annealed first. Aluminum angles are the easiest to bend when using a stretcher tool.

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