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Why buy galvanized steel from Sheet metals online?

Steel is a versatile metal, often used in heavy duty and industrial environments where conditions are harsh and the applications are tough. To ensure the lifespan of the metal, the galvanizing process is perfect. Sheet Metals Online is the one stop shop for any of your galvanized steel needs. We supply a full range of products, all of the highest quality. With thicknesses of 16 gauge, 20 gauge, and 24 gauge, we’ve got you covered. Our galvanized steel is available as flat sheeting, angled pieces, cove bases and C channels. Simply customize your sizing and dimension requirements and we will ship galvanized steel, tailored to your needs.

Galvanizing is the process of coating a metal in a layer of another metal to protect it from corrosion and oxidation. Our high-quality steel is preserved using a ‘hot-dip’ galvanizing method. Steel sheets are immersed in molten zinc bath, encompassing the metal with a dense, external blanket. The bonded zinc-iron alloy sticks the two metals together. Zinc is a more reactive metal than steel, so when it is exposed to the atmosphere, it oxidizes instead of the steel. The resulting zinc-oxide latterly reacts with carbon dioxide - creating a compound called zinc carbonate. The zinc carbonate covering the steel acts as a barrier to the elements, ensuring rust doesn’t occur. Even if the zinc coat is scratched or worn by the metal’s working environment, the exposed steel will still be protected. The more-reactive zinc acts as a sacrificial armor, oxidizing itself rather than the steel - maintaining ultimate integrity and longevity. Despite the external coating, galvanized steel is still magnetic. In short - galvanized metal is better metal.

You need to be able to rely on your materials to last, so if you want stronger steel that’s going to outlive all other options, buy your sheet metal from us today.