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Why buy cold rolled steel from sheet metals online?

Cold-rolled steel from sheet metals online is of the highest quality, designed for increased strength, precise dimension tolerances and great machinability.

Not all metal is made in the same way, and each manufacturing process creates a different characteristic of metal. Cold rolled steel is machined and manufactured at room temperature. After the molten metal has cooled, the processes of rolling and annealing takes place. This provides for stronger steel that also has greater machinability. It also gives a more precise dimensional tolerance to the steel - allowing for greater precision and detail in its application.

Our cold rolled steel comes as flat sheet metal with 16 gauge thickness. Sheets can be ordered in dimensions of up to 48 X 36 inches in size with our online tool, please contact us for other custom sizes.

Common applications of cold-rolled steel include: construction, engineering and agricultural equipment. We only supply the highest quality metal, understanding that you need to be able to rely on your materials. No matter what you need your cold-rolled steel for, Sheet Metals Online is the place for you. Use our simple online tool to specify your requirements, and we will ship the steel straight to your door.