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Why buy copper flat stock or angled copper from sheet metals online?

Sheet Metals Online are proud to offer an extensive range of flawless copper metal for every one of your needs. Our copper is 99.9% pure giving it the perfect look for decorative arts, kitchen fixtures, bathroom construction or stylish office arrangements.

We supply a number of different sheet metal styles, from flat stock to angles, and cove plates or C channels. Specify the type of copper you need, and the dimensions and we can ship it to you to add a special metallic touch to any project. Our copper comes in 16 Oz and 24 Oz measures, depending on the thickness required by a customer.

The purity of the copper we supply reflects the level of quality offered by Sheet Metals Online. Copper is a comparatively soft metal, making it very suitable for hand crafted metallic artwork - especially given the glimmering shine that is characteristic of 99.9% purity.

Sheet Metals Online is passionate about offering high quality metal with excellent customer service. Inform us of your required dimensions and specifications and we will do the milling, processing, cutting, shaping and shipping. Order your sheet metal from us today.

Application of Copper Sheets for Roofing

Sheet Metals Online takes great pride in stocking a wide variety of high-quality copper sheets to meet your every requirement. Because of its 99.9 percent purity, our copper is ideal for aesthetic applications such as sculpture, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and furniture.

Why should you use Copper Sheets for Roofing?

Every structure relies heavily on its roof. At the same time, as it shields the house from the weather, it draws attention to the unique style of the residence. That is why picking the appropriate material is crucial for home renovations. Copper is useful for this purpose. The roof could be made of copper or another metal. Copper Sheet has several desirable qualities, making them a popular roofing material.

Benefits of using Copper Sheets

Copper Sheets Enhance the Visual Appeal of a Project

A copper roof can add value and beauty to a home. With its inherent attractiveness and warmth, copper roofing is a versatile choice for any architectural design.

Copper Sheets are Cost-Effective

Copper roofs are expensive, but they will pay for themselves with careful installation and maintenance. Because of its low maintenance needs, this metal is often considered a cost-effective option.

Copper Sheets Last for a Long Time

Copper roofing is dependable because it lasts long and keeps out the elements. This stuff can hold a house together and take a beating from Mother Nature without showing any signs of wear and tear.

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1. What is sheet copper used for?

For this very reason, copper sheeting is widely used in the building and electrical appliance sectors. In addition to its traditional uses in plumbing and ornamentation, copper is now widely used in electrical wiring, motors, medical and healthcare devices, and heavy machinery.

2. Are copper sheets easy to bend?

Copper's malleability stems from its softness and ability to be easily shaped; its conductivity makes it an excellent choice for electrical and thermal applications, and its corrosion resistance is a result of the coating that forms on its surface when it comes into contact with air.

3. Are copper sheets worth it?

As copper is an effective antimicrobial component, sleeping on copper-infused sheets will protect you from any bacteria, viruses, fungi, or other pathogens—even Superbugs—that may make their way into your bed.

4. Do copper sheets conduct electricity?

Copper is extremely malleable and is often used for such applications. It is practical for electrical uses since it can be pulled into thin wires without breaking. As we've shown, copper's inherent properties as a heat sink and electricity conductor make it a prime candidate for such applications.

5. How much does a copper sheet cost?

The cost of copper sheets depends and varies on the length and size of the sheet.

  • Our Copper Flat Stock is 99% pure and perfect for virtually any project where you want to add that extra special touch of decorative metal. Make your selection below to get started on your order now.

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  • Copper angles are perfect for creating decorative copper metal trim pieces, or finishing pieces or copper accent pieces to elevate your next project. Let Sheet Metals Online assist you by milling, processing, cutting and shipping copper to you directly based on your desired specifications. Please make your selection below to get started on your order now.

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  • Copper Cove Base is perfect for creating decorative copper metal base boards, trim pieces and or copper accent pieces to elevate your next project. Let Sheet Metals Online assist you by milling, processing, cutting and shipping to you directly based on your desired specification. Make your selection below to get started on your order now.

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  • Our Copper C Channel is perfect for decorative home projects, kitchen remodels, or handcrafted decorative metal work. Sheet Metals Online carries the highest quality Copper at 99.9% purity. Select the finish, thickness and enter the dimensions you need and we will process the material and ship it out to you directly. Make your selection below to get started. Learn More