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Copper Angles - 99.9% Pure

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Copper Angles - 99.9% Pure


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Copper angles are perfect for creating decorative copper metal trim pieces, or finishing pieces or copper accent pieces to elevate your next project. Let Sheet Metals Online assist you by milling, processing, cutting and shipping copper to you directly based on your desired specifications. Please make your selection below to get started on your order now.


Number Range : 1-72"


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Number Range : 0.5-5"

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Copper Angles

Top Quality Aluminum Angle Iron

Aluminum angle iron is used to reinforce right-angled materials. It can withstand stress from above or below. Regardless of length, an angle iron may not feel solid enough. Despite their size and weight, angle irons may withstand extra weight.

You can utilize aluminum angle iron to make ornamental copper metal trim, finishing pieces, or accent pieces to put the finishing touch on your next project. Help yourself to Aluminum angles milled, processed, cut, and shipped directly from Sheet Metals Online according to your precise specifications. Architectural and structural aluminum angles are the two most popular varieties in production.

Structural Aluminum Angle Iron

The most popular variety of aluminum angle iron is the "Structural" angle, which has rounded inner corners and is typically made from the 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and is used for (as the name suggests) structural applications calling for a lightweight, yet high-strength material. In addition to being corrosion-resistant, formable, weldable, and drillable, 6061 aluminum alloy has a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Architectural Angle Iron

Each end of the "Architecture and design" aluminum angle iron, inside and out, is square. It is often made from 6063 aluminum and comes in smaller and lighter dimensions than the structural angle. Corrosion resistance and improved surface polish are two benefits of the 6063 alloy. Typical applications are in the fields of light structural work and cosmetics. The welding,forming, and polishing of 6063 alloys is more challenging than that of 6061 alloys, but it is still possible.

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1. How strong is aluminum angle iron?

The aluminum angle's square and right angles make it ideal for construction projects. 6063 aluminum has a 27,000-pound-force tensile strength, a 21,000-pound-force yield strength, and a 17,000-pound-force shear strength.

2. What is an aluminum angle used for?

Structural Aluminum Angle is a sheet of aluminum with rounded inside corners. It is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and easy to work with. Aluminum angle is often used in building as braces and supports.

3. Can the aluminum angle be bent?

Some metals can be safely bent by applying heat and then annealing them, but you'll need to be familiar with the alloys to avoid cracks and holes. A stretcher tool is ideal for bending aluminum angles.

4. How much weight can an aluminum angle hold?

The specific tensile strength for aluminum alloys is between 10,000 and 75,000 psi. Therefore, aluminum has a tensile strength of 10,000 and 75,000 pounds per square inch.

5. How do you cut aluminum angles?

The miter saw with a carbide-tipped blade designed for cutting non-ferrous metals is the most effective tool for cutting aluminum angles.

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