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Aluminum Flat Stock

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Aluminum Flat Stock


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You have selected Aluminum Flat Bar 6061 T-6 is extremely versatile this hardening aluminum alloy contains magnesium and silicon. Aluminum flat bar has great machinability and is perfect for welding. Make your selection below to get started on your order now.

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Aluminum Flat Stock 6061 T-6 is our most versatile flat bar aluminum perfect for countless projects that may require welding or machined parts.

Supplying Quality Aluminum Flat Stock

Aluminum Flat Stock 6061 T-6 Uses

Aluminum Flat Stock 6061 T-6 is our most versatile flat bar aluminum, making it ideal for various projects. Magnesium and silicon are both aluminum alloy components that get stronger with time.

Aluminum of the 6061 type is among the most popular aluminum alloys. It may be welded and shaped, making it useful in various settings. Type 6061 alloy's strengths make it ideal for building automobile frames, construction, and other structural applications where corrosion resistance is also a priority.

Can you Weld Aluminum Flat Stock?

Our aluminum flat Stock is very easy to machine and is an excellent welding material. It has high corrosion resistance and is quite strong.

However, When 6061 aluminum flat Stock is contacted with air or water, it creates a coating of oxide that leaves it nonreactive with harmful substances to the metal's surface. It protects the underlying metal from further damage.

The resistance to corrosion depends on the conditions of the atmosphere and the water; however, when temperatures are kept constant, the effects of corrosion in air and water are typically insignificant.

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1. What is aluminum flat Stock?

6061 Aluminum Flat Bar stock is an aluminum rectangular shape bar that has been extruded. It is simple to work with and can be used for many different things. Aluminum flats are used in a wide range of manufacturing projects where weight and resistance to corrosion are important.

2. What are aluminum flat bars used for?

A flat bar is one of the most common building supports. Most of the time, they are used as ladder hangers, support braces, duct work, gate latches, heaters, overhead doors, and bracing.

3. What is an aluminum bar?

Aluminum bars are among the most frequently used metals because they are strong, don't rust, and are inexpensive. Aluminum bars come in many different sizes and shapes, such as round, square, hex, and rectangle.

4. Is the aluminum flat bar strong?

For maximum durability, choose a flat bar made of aluminum. There is a wide range of strength in aluminum, from 30 ksi in shear to 40 ksi in yield to 45 ksi in tensile strength in different grades.

5. Is extruded aluminum flat?

One of the most adaptable extrusions, aluminum flat bars are applicable in numerous fields. The aluminum flat bar's versatility stems from its rectangular face and flat surface, which can be cut to the dimensions required for any project.

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